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Family-Owned | Horse Focused Business

Hidden Pond has always been owned, operated, and run by people that put the horses first. Although Hidden Pond Stables has recently changed ownership, the vision has remained the same: To provide a home for horses that allows their owners to visit and enjoy them, but also to be away and know their horses are comfortable and cared for. Our horses have enjoyed Hidden Pond for the past five years. When the opportunity to purchase the barn was  presented, we eagerly jumped in knowing that the quality of this barn that we have come to love would continue with the help of Dan Barker Training Services and the incredible staff currently on site. 

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Dan Barker Training Services

This entire operation would not be possible without our highly skilled trainer, Dan Barker. Dan is out in the barn every day running the daily operations, tending to the horses, and providing elite training. 

Click the link below to learn more about the skills, programs, and services that Dan brings to the stable. 

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